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14 reviews for Hoochie

  1. Meg

    After my first trip with hoochie flavor, I’m definitely getting it again in my next reup

  2. Mike

    I got introduced to the hoochie flavor, best decision i’ve made this year..

  3. Gabe

    No debate, Hoochie flavor is goated!!

  4. Angela

    Hoochie flavor definitely has a place in my heart!!

  5. James

    Hoochie, such an amazing flavor! I’ll reup shortly..

  6. Ayden

    Pov: The hoochie flavor made the whole sale box even better

  7. Helen

    Amazing customer service! I initially didn’t know what flavor to go for, but the hoochie flavor(they proposed) was exactly what i needed

  8. Jethro

    Trying the Hoochie flavor has to be among the best life choices for sure.. i love it

  9. Kelly

    Jokes on you if yoo haven’t tried the hoochie flavor yet.. magical!

  10. Trey

    Hoochie flavor and a later night drive is a crazy match

  11. Herman

    Idk what they put in these but the hoochie flavor had me KO’d all night… Can’t wait to restock!!

  12. Anna Megan

    Hoochie has me in my feelings lately

  13. Aiden

    Hoochie flavor and some alone time.. crazy combo!! I still can’t feel my legs lmao

  14. Camille

    My recent purchase just confirms I’m obsessed with the hoochie flavor, pure bliss!

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